Officially elected!

Officially selected as a Japan Participant Youth of “Global Leadership Development Program” which is managed by the Cabinet Office. I belong to “Information and Media” section and will visit Mexico next year. ( training and final selection finished yesterday!
There were lots of men, lots of leadership.
I realized “Leadership” is taking thoughtful action for people regardless of position, remembering appreciation and showing respect, and having recognition what is weak at doing and courage of asking for it.I really enjoyed this week and had fun, but at the same time, faced many challenges on myself. Now, I’m frustrated because I saw my shyness and lack of English skills…etc many times during this training. I swear to keep on challenging and find my own leadership until January.

Anyway, I’m lining up at the start.

I appreciate such a great opportunity.
I’d like to express my gratitude to those who negotiated holding this program with the Cabinet, and those who manage, and support this program; personnel of Cabinet Office, IYEO, alumni, instructors, PY and so on. We can’t make it without the cooperation.

I’m so excited about meeting Overseas Participant Youth and getting together! I want to dedicate myself to bring out all PY’s leadership and help showing it during the program as Leadership Management Committee. Of course, wanna show my own.

Can’t wait for next January!
I’m proud of GLDP family members and L♡VE you guys all.
I'm looking forward to drawing our own story as SWY-46!