Coverage of dead bodies

In the training camp last week,
We, Information and Media section
discussed "Coverage of dead bodies"

Do you agree or disagree?
video camera setup iStock

I felt it’s a tough question for the first class!

I stood on AGREE because...
coverage dead bodies gives deep impact to viewer.
It catch more attention toward the issue than only showing
numbers of victims and amount of damage.

Then, information will spread and get more sympathy.
In addition, it is more close to reality and reduce information gap.

Opponents may mention that it gives bad influences on child
or bad feeling on people who don't want to see it.

---Then we can set up limitation and show warnings before watching.
For example, "Are you over 18?" or "This video want to log in?".

We have "the right to KNOW" ,however, on the other hand,
it is certain that some don't want to see and know.
It is option, you have the choice.

Opponents may claim that it impair the dignity.
---Then we can gray the faces or take distance.

At the end of the session, we actually watched news
contains dead bodies and people closing to die
due to the Syrian chemical(maybe sarin) gas attack.

Like this movie below.