Tatami Yoga Mat

"Tatami Yoga Mat" smells so good feeling like forest bathing.
I sometimes use it as body pillow because of its cosy scent.

Tatami Yoga Mat made in JAPAN! / beautiful, comfortable, durable
<Do you know what 畳(Tatami) is?>
It’s a very traditional floor mat and symbolic item indispensable for Japanese style rooms.
It has good scent for relaxation feeling like “forest bathing”.
The surface is woven from species of rush, called IGUSA.

Bacteria and smell are really common problem with other yoga mats
but not with tatami yoga mat because it has...
・Deodorant effect
・Antibacterial effect
・Antifouling effect
・Moisture buffering effect
so It seems to be highly-durable and comfortable to use.
Please give it a TRY ✨